Is Your Static Site Going Stale?

The truth is, for some of you, there’s no way you’re going to write a blog. Maybe you have too much else to do. Maybe writing isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps? So, how can you keep your website fresh and engaging without that commitment?

Here are some suggestions of things you can add during your monthly site health audit to keep your content from becoming stale and potentially out-dated:

    • Create a news area. You can highlight events, projects, resources, sales or special offers, new hires, or milestones. Profile your staff members or your best clients. It can be a small box to fill in on the front page, or it can be a link to a PDF newsletter, but you should change it out regularly.
    • Show off your work! Add case studies to your descriptions of services, post testimonials from your current clients, or update your portfolio after each project is concluded. You can remove less-relevant work, or just push it to the back, as you showcase your more recent accomplishments.
    • Give your clients resources to draw upon. Create a F.A.Q. that answers the questions that people always ask before they hire you. You can detail the processes of your work, set expectations for timelines, and help clients give you the right information get the job done.  You can create or link to tutorials that teach clients how to use what you’ve given them. (Hint: It’s what I’m doing right now, writing this article!)  In the end, making resources available on your site can save you time that you normally spend explaining simple things over and over again.


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    TL;DR– If you don’t plan on regular content additions, try adding a News area to your site, add testimonials and case studies to your portfolio, or consider developing a list of resources that will enrich your clients’ experience. This keeps you fresh and relevant, and can be a task that actually saves you time in the end.