• Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photography
  • Script-writing, Storytelling
  • Audio Production, Adobe Audition
  • Interviewing & Narration
  • Desktop Publishing 
  • Graphic Design
  • Scriptwriting [PDF]

 Video Production, Photography

The Flight Academy had a hard drive full of images and video from their Alaska and European group tours, from both amateur and professional photographers. They approached me to assemble them into promotional videos to share at conferences and online. Though these videos are dated in a technical effects sense, the stories their narratives are still strong and compelling.


For the Alaska Adventure, I interviewed the owner, and had him describe the trip to me as if I were an interested pilot.  I edited the audio into a travelogue, illustrated with photos and videos of the tour.

For the European Adventure, I crafted the details into a commercial script, and narrated it myself. 

I edited the photos and video for color and contrast to make the footage from various sources look more cohesive as a group, and added stock images and my own photography to fill in the blanks.

For the Wine Country Tour, I met up with the group in Walla Walla to take promotional photos, and I compiled them into a short video using Adobe’s mobile app.


Graphic Design

After rebranding and moving into a new facility, The Flight Academy contracted me to use their updated logo in designs for a Mission Statement Plaque, a front desk sign with an LED backlight, and an airplane tail decal.

Mission Statement Poster

Mission Statement Poster

Mission Statement Poster

Lighted Sign

Desktop Publishing & Interactive PDFs

The Flight Academy created their own training checklists for pilots-in-training.  I formatted and converted Word documents into interactive forms with checkboxes, date, and signature fields, making sure that they are compatible with the iPads that they use on board.

Desktop Publishing & Interactive PDFs

This document is a brochure and registration form for a luxury weekend tour from Scottsdale to Cabo San Lucas.