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Aimee presented me with her logo, and the rest fell into place from there. The home page is a clean grid of tasty recipe options, a clear category menu, and social media links.

The post page features a sidebar full of small bites, and a recipe card template that allows users to print a clean version of the featured recipe.

[ The Afternoon Spoon* ]

*External link– content may not reflect work described here.

Aimee’s recipe blog collected a bit of dust while she was busy with grad school. She was recently inspired to pick it up again, but it was outdated and broken. An upcoming food blogger conference made a great deadline to begin anew with a fresh look and a secure framework.

She was undecided on design, so I sent several distinct mock-ups to choose from, all of which incorporated her food photography style, her color scheme, her social media accounts, and her penchant for mid-Century elements into a clean, modern format. She fell in love with the very first one, and together we developed a bright, clean layout that has a lot of room for her to add new modules as the site grows.

When the design was concrete, we sat down for a workshop session where I gave her a rundown of the WordPress Dashboard and theme and plugin functionality so she could use the features to her advantage.