A 78 Moment

What do you do with 25 boxes of shellac 78 records and a Victrola crank-powered turntable? I’ve been discovering my way through it, one disc at a time. 

As I catalog the collection, I’ve been sharing video of the actual record playing as a Tweet or a Story on various social media sites, and I love to add little pieces of music history as I go. It’s a heart-project that helps soften the hard edges in some online spaces, builds community with other fans, and reconnects us with an analog reality.

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A variety of Victrola needles next to a dime, for size comparison.

And these are the needles, which need to be replaced every song or three on the crank machine. The electric turntable 78 needle has a longer lasting sapphire tip.
— Exist in Images (@existinimages) March 27, 2018

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