• Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Clip mobile app
  • Photography
  • Script-writing, Storytelling
  • Audio Production, Adobe Audition
  • Interviewing & Narration
  • MS Word & Acrobat Forms



  • European Tour Script [PDF]

Project: The Flight Academy Travel Adventures
Role: Video producer, Photographer, Editor

The Flight Academy had a hard drive full of images and video from their Alaska and European group tours, from both amateur and professional photographers. They approached me to assemble them into promotional videos to present at conferences and promote online.




The photographs and footage were edited for color, contrast, and cropping to make them look more cohesive as a group.

For the Alaska video, I interviewed the owner and had him describe the trip to me as if I were an interested pilot.  I edited the audio into a travelogue, illustrated by photos and videos of the tour.

With less production time available for the European Tour, I chose to craft the details into a commercial script, and narrate it myself.

Interactive Flight Training Forms

The Flight Academy uses PDF forms to keep track of the progress of their pilots-in-training.  They gave me several basic Word documents to format and convert into interactive forms with checkboxes, date, and signature fields, making sure that they are compatible with the iPads that they use on board.